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Dentistry is a field that offers solutions to a variety of dental problems, from routine cleanings to complex procedures. Whether cost is an issue, financing is needed, or a busy schedule presents a challenge, dentistry offers options to address these concerns and provide quality care.

Cost Is An Issue?
We Offer Competitive Fees Along With Our Best Price Guarantee Policy.
Cost Is An Issue?
We Offer Competitive Fees Along With Our Best Price Guarantee Policy.
Cost Is An Issue?
We Offer Competitive Fees Along With Our Best Price Guarantee Policy.
Cost Is An Issue?
We Offer Competitive Fees Along With Our Best Price Guarantee Policy.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are small titanium posts that are surgically placed directly into one’s tooth root after a tooth has gone missing or has been extracted. They serve as a strong and lasting foundation beneath the gumline upon which a full set of permanent or removable prosthetic teeth, bridge or single tooth will be placed. There are a number of advantages to dental implants compared to other tooth replacement solutions, including the following:

Enhanced appearance

Dental implants provide a foundation for custom prosthetic teeth that look and feel just like your natural teeth and are designed with your distinct smile, tooth coloration, shape and size in mind to give you a permanent, attractive and natural-looking smile.

Improved dental function

Dental implants provide a strong and stable foundation for your prosthetic teeth, allowing you to enjoy everyday functions, such as speaking, eating and smiling, easily and naturally once again.

More convenient

Unlike removable dentures, dental implants require no special care, such as avoidance of certain foods, overnight soaking, constant fittings and adjustments, or the application of messy adhesives. They are a permanent, lasting tooth replacement solution and can be cared for just like your natural teeth.

Better oral health

In addition to enhancing one’s facial appearance and dental function, dental implants can actually stop the advancement of gum disease and tissue deterioration by stimulating the gum and bone tissue beneath the gumline.

More durable

With proper care, including daily brushing and flossing and regular visits to your dentist for exams and teeth cleanings, dental implants are a permanent tooth replacement solution that can last a lifetime.

Greater self-esteem

The culmination of the benefits of dental implants – including the enhanced appearance, improved dental function, and better oral health – ultimately leads to a boost in self-esteem and confidence in one’s smile, appearance and overall health.

What is the process of getting dental implants

The first step in getting qualified is to contact us for your initial consultation where we will go over your dental history, conduct a routine oral exam, and take 3D CT scans of your mouth to assess the progression of gum and bone loss and determine if you are a good candidate for dental implants.

Once this evaluation is complete and you are qualified as a candidate, we will schedule your surgery, where your dental implants will be surgically implanted directly into your gums and jawbone under a local anesthetic, then re-covered and left to heal.

Over the next few months, your implants will gradually fuse to the bone and gum tissue, providing a strong foundation upon which your permanent teeth will be placed. If the dental implants are placed in a visible location in one’s mouth, such as in the front, we will place a temporary prosthetic in place in the interim while your custom prosthetics are being created.

Once your implants have had sufficient time to bond with the gums and bone, your custom prosthetic teeth will be attached to your dental implants using a small abutment.

Upon placement you are ready to enjoy all the benefits of dental implants immediately.

Dental Implants are the ideal tooth replacement solution for those with missing or failing teeth. Whether you are in need of a single tooth replacement or a full set of teeth to be replaced, contact our office today to schedule your initial consultation with us.

What Some of Our Patients are Saying

Mariaelena Carrillo
Everyone is very friendly and understanding! I got my wisdom teeth removed from this location and I wasn’t feeling too good after and they helped watch over me and next thing you know I’m feeling way better after a few minutes of their help!:) I come back in for my checkup appointment and they were super helpful with any questions I had and the healing process went smoothly!
This is a very conscientious Practice. I Love my Periodontist Mr. SHELDON LU, DMD, MS he is caring, Extremely thorough , Answers all my questions with pleasure. Office staff Nancy, Maria and the rest of the staff there are same as Mr. SHELDON LU!! I’m glad I found him , and his wonderful staff. Makes a difference to me when people care. I would recommend this office anyone five stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️from me , thank you for everything.
Victoria Shebala
Dr Lu is an excellent periodontist. He doesn’t believe in giving a patient too many medications when they are not necessary. He really cares about his patients. He makes sure to keep the patient’s teeth and gums clean to prevent any serious gum disease. I am one of his patients and highly recommend him. The members of his office staff and assistants are very professional.
Queenie Zhao
The clinic recommended by a friend specializing in the treatment of periodontal disease provided me with satisfactory service from the appointment to the post-operative period. Dr. Lu is very professional,he’s so considerate and gently answered my questions, he also taught me how to take care of my teeth every day. The front desk and the dental assistant are very warm and polite too.
Peterzj Luo
Small office, but very cozy and friendly. This is my first visit. I am very much impressed by Dr. Lu's professionalism and expert knowledge. He did a thorough examination and explained treatment options in easy-to-understand language. I feel very comfortable and well treated. I definitely would come back and recommend to others.
Farhat Farooqui
I was nervous before my tooth extraction and grafting procedure, but I knew I was in good hands with Dr Sheldon Lu and his staff. Dr Lu’s expertise and gentleness, and his staff’s efficiency and genuine concern for the patients made the surgical experience as pleasant as such a procedure can be. I would recommend Iconic Periodontics 100% to anyone. Thank you, Dr Lu and staff!
Stilian Halembakov
Very friendly and nice team. Dr Sheldon Li is soft-spoken and gentle, thorough in his dental expertise without pushing for a decision on proposed action plan. Highly recommended !
Julisa T
I love this dentist office. The front office is always kind, professional and very efficient. The dentists are always gentle quick and do an amazing job. I am a big chicken when it comes to any kind of invasive procedures, even minor ones. But I always feel at ease when I come here.10 ⭐️’s
Jennifer Joy Miller
From the first point of contact on the phone I knew IPDI was a great place. After meeting Dr. Sheldon Lu, it was clear we’d found a gem. Dr Sheldon Lu and his team are professional, genuinely kind, caring and confident. You feel like not only have you met a great dentist, but made a new friend. Dr. Sheldon Lu is an honest dentist who instills trust in his patients by being upfront and genuine. I appreciate each staff member as well. Kind, clear and positive people work here.
Phuongut Huynh
I had a wonderful experience at this place . Service was fast and the staff were very friendly. They made sure all concern I had about my teeth were answer . They took time to answer my questions and explain everything well to me . I came for a regular check up and cleaning done . The place was very nice. I usually don’t liked coming to a dentist office but for sure I will return back for my next checkup and cleaning Thanks to Dr Sheldon luu and his wonderful staff for such taking good care of me !

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